IPhodroid R14: New Features

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The iPhoDroid project was started back in 2010, and since then it has grown exponentially. It is getting easier and easier to install Android on your iPhone, and it is even becoming safer and safer. In the next upcoming release of the iPhoDroid installer, Sergio will be adding a full reset feature that will allow users to perform a full factory restore, that will erase all personal data, and any residue data left on over on their iDevice. Besides this new Full Reset feature, Sergio is also working on improving iPhoDroid, by making it runs smoother, and fixing a lot of bugs present in version R13…

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Version R14 of iPhodroid will be released sometime this month,here is the official word on iPhoDroid R14 from Sergio himself:
“So then, iPhoDroid R14 now is a matter of embeding good resources to achieve a better performance, easy navigation and of course a maximum bugless running. And, as my workaround is a bit deep as always, I decided to remove the Launcher Pro because of some features such as widget resize does’nt work on a free version, then I moved back to a new research and labs at this time and now Im hardly trying to get this new Launcher in the video and see if its possible to get all those features without drawing off all the battery fast. The DOWNLOAD of the new version is up within this month yet. Keep tuned on my Twitter and thanks for all your support on this project ;-) ”

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