PS3 Waninkoko CFW Patched By Me

I saw that nobody had uploaded an already patched CFW 3.55 Waninkoko. Then run CFW 3.55 Geohot's Jailbreak. Then just run LV2 PKG and then Multiman for BACKUP MANAGERS

For gamers who want to install Waninkoko’s custom firmware on the PS3, please take note that a lot of PS3s who have an onboard 256MB NAND chip are bricking after the custom firmware is installed. There is no way to unbrick the PS3 at this time so take caution when installing the custom firmware. With Waninkoko’s custom firmware, the PlayStation 3 will finally be able to install a lot of homebrew stuff without any limitations and especially the Back Up manager that allows pirates to pirate games.

MD5 Checksums
V2 Flukes / netkas



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