PS3 SNES9x Build 4.4.4 for CFW Geohot

squarepusher brings us an update to his popular SNES9x emulator for the PS3. The latest release brings us many bug fixes, new control schemes, and fixes for Chrono Trigger.

Build 4.4.4 (19-01-2010)

Chrono Trigger would jump from 256x224 to 256x239 for one odd frame when
transitioning from normal mode to battle mode - this caused an undesirable
screen hiccup to occur everytime. This issue has been fixed.

- FIXED: Player 2 - Buttons X/Y didn't work

This bug was introduced in v4.4.3 due to an improper macro. It has now been
fixed as of v4.4.4.

- FIXED: Loading a ROM with a cheatfile loaded and then loading another ROM
with no cheatfile will not clear out the previous game's cheats

This bug was introduced in v4.4.0, and has now been fixed as of v4.4.4. Also
note that games which do not have a cheatfile will create a new cheatfile

- FIXED: Super Scope controls auto-centered when let go of thumbstick
- ADDED: Better Super Scope controls

Previously in v4.4.3, the Super Scope crosshair would center back to the middle
of the screen as soon as you let go of the thumbstick on the left analog stick.
Now it controls much more closely to the mouse. Note that there might be an
option to toggle the Super Scope controls in the future (to either auto-center
when let go of the thumbstick or let the cursor stay at the current position).

- FIXED: Some games were hooked up with patchy controls (Doom)
- ADDED: Accessory Autodetection

The accessory autodetection in v4.4.2/4.4.3 left some things to be desired.
A new setting has been added to the SNES9x Settings screen - 'Accessory Auto-

SNES9x PS3 auto-detects most games that feature support for these peripherals.
This setting will control how SNES9x PS3 will deal with these games when it
detects them.

CONFIRM - When detecting a Mouse/Scope/Multitap-compatible game, a dialog
screen is presented to the user asking him/her if the accessory
should be enabled. If you select 'No', normal 2 joypad controls
will be used instead.
ON - Games which support Mouse/Scope/Multitap will be automatically
detected and the accessory will be automatically enabled without
any input from the user.
OFF - Accessories will not be detected or enabled - standard 2 joypad
controls for all games.

- ADDED: Control Schemes

There are now three [Control Schemes] - 'Default', 'New', and 'Custom'.

DEFAULT - Controls are the same as they were before.

NEW - A new control scheme. See below:

R3 + L3 - [Exit to Menu] - go back to the ROM Browser

Right analog stick - Up - SNES9x pause (supersedes regular SNES pause).
Right analog stick - Left - Decrement fastforward speed by one (-1).
Right analog stick - Right - Increment fastforward speed by one (+1).
Right analog stick - Down - Toggle [Fastforwarding] on/off.

Right analog stick - Left + L2 - Decrement cheat position by one (-1).
Right analog stick - Right + L2 - Increment cheat position by one (+1).
Right analog stick - Up + L2 - Toggle the currently selected cheat on/off.
Right analog stick - Down + L2 - Input a cheat with an on-screen keyboard.

Right analog stick - Left + R2 - Decrement save state slot by one (-1).
Right analog stick - Right + R2 - Increment save state slot by one (+1).
Right analog stick - Up + R2 - Load from currently selected save state slot.
Right analog stick - Down + R2 - Save to currently selected save state slot.
R2 + R3 - Toggle [SRAM Write Protection] on/off.

L2 + R3 - Toggle [Record Movie] on/off.
L2 + L3 - Load Movie

CUSTOM - Custom control scheme. All buttons/button combos can be

- ADDED: Savestate SRAM Overwrite Protect
Implemented by request - see Issue 8: Loading a save state also load the
associated save ram file and write it to disk right away.

Normally, when SNES9x loads a savestate, the SRAM contents are automatically
overwritten. The ugly side-effect of this is that this can unknowingly
delete your normal saved game progress.

ON - SNES9x will write-protect SRAM - this means that if you load a save-
state, it will not overwrite the SRAM save(s). However, SRAM is not
saved at all in this mode.
OFF - SRAM is writable - this means that if you load a savestate, it will
overwrite the SRAM save(s).

NOTE: This option can be toggled in-game with the 'New' control scheme by
pressing button combo [R2 + R3].

- ADDED: Cheat Code Input In-game with Onscreen Keyboard

Cheatcodes can now be inserted with an onscreen keyboard in-game. A new
action has been added called 'Cheat Input'.

Cheatcodes that you add will be saved to your cheatfile. Currently, the cheat
code will be added in order.

NOTE: This option can be toggled in-game with the 'New' control scheme by
pressing button combo [L2 + Analog Stick Right - Down].

NOTE: There is still a bug that happens after inserting 15/16 cheat codes
in a row.

When this bug happens, you will no longer be presented with the option to
input a label after correctly inputting a cheat. Instead, the label will be
the cheat code itself. This is a memory shortage bug that we hope to fix soon.

- ADDED: Resolution saving

Implemented by request - see Issue 18: Screen resolution does not save upon

The resolution you had previously played in will now be automatically selected
when you start SNES9x the next time.

There are also sane fallbacks. If SNES9x saved the resolution at 1080p and the
next time you want to play SNES9x you happen to have your PS3 connected to a
screen that doesn't support 1080p - it will fall back to a lower resolution
that your TV does support.

- ADDED: Throttle Mode

This is a performance benchmarking feature that might or might not be useful
to users. Turn this 'Off', and VSync and audio will be disabled - the game
will then run at the maximum amount of frames per second (FPS) that the PS3
can manage.

NOTE: There seems to be a hardware/software cap of 124/125fps that appears to
be prevalent even in menus.

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