PS3 Plagued By Hackers

Geohot released his jailbreak awhile ago, and in the time since then the Playstation 3 has become a catastrophic fail for a console. People have manipulated the console to help themselves hence the word Plagued. "Hackers" have made it easy to allow themselves to be better than everyone else. Update 1: For Example using the Trophy Hack it will allow you to unlock all Trophies 100 without having to do any hard work. Update 2: Another example, Modern Warfare 2. I've recently been reading what people have been saying about this. Innocent people are getting accounts reset meaning they lose all their data. Servers flooded with users who have VIP Hacks such as God Mode, Aimbots and Wall Hacks. Update Number 3: NPDRM is the digital rights management for downloadable content on the PSN Network.. With this being decrypted this will allow users to share games and not have to pay for them. Update 4: With Flukes tools to patch LV1/LV2 backups will soon be able to be launched from the hard drive. Making it easy to borrow a friends game and save it on yours. Thus once again not having to pay for the game itself.

Update 4x: Flukes1 Peek and Poke Tools to Patch LV1/LV2

Sony, What do you have to say about this?

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