PS3 Backup Manager Patch For CFW Released

A user by the name of "kmeaw" has made it possible to run Backup Managers on Wutangrza CFW.

Basically it's a simple PKG you need to launch before running any backup manager. I t will patch lv2 and add syscalls in memory. They are removed once you power off. Safe and efficient!

So first run the PKG, then run the Backup Manager. When rebooting, you need to repeat the process.

[23:36] Download patchfile.rar, download OFW 3.55, bspatch the OFW with the patch, install OFW 3.55, install CFW, download lv2.pkg, install pkg, install multiman, ... ,PROFIT!
When you already have Wutangrza CFW you can just run the PKG!

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