PSP Half Byte Loader R113: Signed for OFW 6.37 (Video)


In the race to "signature" of homebrew began with the release of the first tool aimed at the practice, could not miss the JJS coder with a signed version of the famous HBL R113. The main limitations are the signature of the user-mode homebrew and homebrew maximum weight, but thanks to the signed version dell'HBL you can easily get around such restrictions as no longer necessary to sign every single homebrew.
In fact, you can then initiate a significantly greater number of homebrew where positioning is more comfortable going first dall'HBL now bootable directly from XMB without any need to exploit, even on OFW 6:37 where it is not yet established the HEN.
Recall that each type of homebrew signed contains code copyrighted Sony PSP-ITA therefore can not provide them on its servers through its links to download. You are therefore advised to consult the source.

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