PSP 5.03 Kernel Exploit HEN Signed: Launch from XMB

VirtuousFlame has also signed the 5.03 kernel exploit aka Davee’s chickhen R2. This is for those of you out there that are still using the 5.03 ChickHEN tiff exploit / 5.03 GEN CFW’s on 5.03 OFW this is for you. Just extract this over to PSP/GAME and load it from the XMB. Reboot into 5.03 HEN..Easy as pie. Thanks VirtuousFlame!
Make sure you select the right download below for your PSP Model. Either the version for PSP-2000′s TA88v3+ or the PSP-3000 download.

Download Here 5.03 TA88V3
Download Here 5.03 3000

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