PSP Crypto Keys

For those who wonder, spock cmd 0x09 key is used to decrypt UMD keys stored in idstorage, those keys are then used by spock cmd 0x08 to decrypt the UMD master key (per disc key) Then this key is used in spock cmd 0x0A to decrypt the UMD raw sectors. Each different psp regions seems to have its own sets of UMD keys.

You can more or less access Spock through lepton's ram (there is some hidden test mode on lepton allowing you to do just this). More on this later If I ever get the time to clean up those sources.

P.S. Let's hope sony uses kirk cmd 0x12 for the kernel prx ECDSA checks and that they did the same fail as on ps3, would someone be so kind as to check it out ? :P

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