PS3 Graf_Chokolo Decrypts NPDRM Sonic 4

Graf_Chokolo, resurfaced today, to report an exciting new development. He has successfully decrypted Sonic 4, which is an NPDRM protected game. NPDRM is the digital rights management for the Playstation Network. In essence, it is what protects PSN downloadable games and content from being copied. If Graf keeps with his previous trends, we can expect him to make his methods public in the coming days.

Snippet from Sonic 4 Decryption:

graf_chokolo says:
January 15, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Dumped appldr arguments for NPDRM decryption on 3.41. I’m able now to decrypt NPDRMs with appldr on 3.41. Thanks to Jack for his support.

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