PS3 Multiman V1/14/00 for CFW Wanikoko or Kmeaw

Get multiMAN 1.14.00 now! Or wait because tomorrow it’s likely 1.14.01 will be released. Mostly bug and stability fixes comprise this release. The change log follows.

multiMAN 1.14.00 CHANGELOG

Implemented stable syscall36 function (thanks to they know who)
Fixed file manager default character mode
Fixed network icon/text when no network is available
More user friendly messages when problem appears
New update/cover server (thanks to shaj)
Option to download updates without USB stick
New ‘options.ini’ format (thanks to SiGMAniac)
[Last Game] updated (separate application)
A lot of other stability fixes
Now I want to know who’s having success with what here… As I see it there are 3 players in the backup manager game:

this one, multiMAN.
Plus there are Kmeaw’s LV2 patches, many different versions, and some of the backup managers now incorporate those… Not to mention all the different custom firmwares… Many variables here, so a simple poll won’t do. Instead lets do this:

For everyone who successfully has their backups working: Leave a comment in the following format: “Success! / /
” Details can be anything from LV2 patch versions to handy tips that helped out. For example:

Success! Wutangrza+geohot / Gaia Manager 2.05 / Restored original game eboot, forgot I modified it

If you haven’t had success, then follow this format: “Drats! Guess I’ll sift through the success stories and try something out. / /
” Then go buy Dead Space 2, play it for a bit, come back and hope someone has replied solving your problem.

Update: My bad… I had the wrong change log. Updated above is the correct one for 1.14.00.

Source: Via PSX-SCENE

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