PS3 FCEU V1.4: NES Emulator for CFW Geohot

Recently the Nintendo emulator — FCEU-PS3 — was updated to version 1.4; I believe squarepusher is responsible for that. So if you’ve been emulating the NES, I suggest you update because introduced is Game Genie support! Soon you’ll be ripping through, taking jumps right off the screen (coming up from the bottom).

FCEU-PS3 1.4

PAL ROMs now run correctly – autodetection of PAL/NTSC for No-Intro set.
Automatic 576p PAL50/PAL60 switching.
Cheatfile (CHT) support.
Game Genie ROM support.
Added ‘Sprite Limitation’ option.
All paths (savestate directory/base directory/SRAM directory/default ROM directory) can now be changed.
RSound support.
Configurable controls.
Geohot 3.55 CFW build.

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