PS3 Wutangrza LV1/LV2 Patch Released

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, a dev by the name of Wutangrza, was successful in recreating flukes1's 3.55 peek poke CFW. As we reported the other day, flukes1 had successfully made a LV1/LV2 3.55 peek and poke enabled CFW. However, due to legal reasons he decided against releasing it. Wutangrza was successful in repeating flukes1's process and has released a very easy to use patch, for the official 3.55 firmware. So what does this mean for the average user? It means that it is only a matter of time now, before apps like multiMan and others, will begin to work with this new CFW.

Steps for Patching 3.55 Official Firmware on Windows by

Step 1

Download the above files and extract them all into the same folder

Step 2

Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder where you extracted the above files, then type:
bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3CFW.PUP Wutangrza-3.55.patch

Step 3


Step 4

Rename PS3CFW.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP and thats it! You now have an official 3.55 with lv1/lv2 peek and poke enabled

You're now ready to install the PUP, make sure your console has 3.55 official firmware installed, prior to flashing the peek and poke enabled version. You will need to install it from the recovery menu.

Also, after flashing the 3.55 peek and poke enabled CFW, you can then install Geohot's CFW. You will still retain lv1/lv2 peek and poke.

Download Here- Wutangrza Patch 3.55
Download Here- bsdiff Win32
Download Here- Offical PS3 3.55 PUP

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