PSP PSCRYPTER: Sign any Homebrew Application

Wow, the PSP scene has just been mad lately..A good mad. The greatness continues it seems with yet another breakthrough. This time its a signed homebrew application, that can sign’s other homebrew eboots (unsigned ones) all while in Original Firmware (OFW). So you can try this on *ANY* unsigned homebrew application, games and emulators. You name it. Sign your homebrew! Thanks big time carlosgs for this handy application!
The EBOOT signer itself can be signed and it works, so people with OFW can try to sign and test the EBOOT’s they want.
I have mixed the crypter code by “bbtgp” and the unpack-pbp.c and pack-pbp.c from the SDK.
I have named it “PSCRYPTER” though that doesn’t matter really.
ISO Loaders, 6.20 HEN can’t be signed. However many, many homebrew apps & games can. Almost everything else. Try you’ll be surprised at what you can now run on OFW

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