PSP First "Officially" Signed Homebrew

PSP Developer kgsws has released the first signed homebrew. This ones big for the homebrew scene. Why? Well its requires no hacks to run. No Custom Firmware, HBL or HEN needed here. Mission accomplished, homebrew on any PSP hacked or not.
Just make a directory in PSP/GAME and then place this signed eboot in it and run from the XMB! Nice, hopefully this will now lead to homebrew games and applications that can be run on all PSP’s hacked or not hacked.
Simple, notice it contains ~PSP header from demo game (UCES00206), it is exactly same header.
It is easy to craft last 16 bytes of encrypted data block to match header CMAC -- yes, that’s the trick
There are some strange thigs, it can’t run homebrews with bigger executable block (data block does not matter), and because of ~PSP header, it has to match exact size of original game.
This trick might be possible on firmware kernel modules to get permanent HEN on non-pandrorable PSPs, i was not able to do it but i was not trying that much.
PS: i am not only one who found this trick

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