Apple Release ITunes 10.1.2: Safe for Jailbreakers

iTunes 10.1.2 Brings CDMA Support : Available Now! Earlier today, Apple decided to released
iTunes 10.1.2, which brings an update for CDMA compatibility, just in time for the
release on Verizon. Apple doesn't go into detail about the compatibility update, and their notes page simply states: iTunes 10.1.2 provides a number of important stability and performance improvements. Of course when you look closer at the notes in the actual update itself, it shows that the update does indeed include support for the new CDMA iPhone, allowing Out-Of-The-Box support for your new Verizon iPhone, and
instant access to syncing your data. iTunes 10.1.2 syncs music, movies, and more with iPhone 4 (CDMA model) and provides a number of important stability and performance
improvements. iTunes 10.1.2 is available now, so check your Sofware Updates Jailbreaker Note: So far things seem to be just fine with Jailbroken devices. Now the Verizon iPhone can work right out of
the box!

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