PSP Daedalusx64 Alpha REV 632 (HEN Supported)

This DaedalusX64 revision comes in from the Endless Paradigm Forums. Its the newest build which also features HEN support. 6.20 TN HEN and 6.36 HEN etc. Some big changes present in this build too. Check the changelog below.

Revision 632 Changelog:

[=>] Merged from Daedalus-Dev branch :

[+] Implemented blendmode maker (blendmodes can be made in real time now, and now is really easy for anyone to make blendmodes) – Corn

[!] Fixed Display Debugger not working in Paper Mario – Corn

[~] Debug build compiles again (got broken in 630) – Corn

[~] Corrected regression that caused DKR and other games to crash

[~] disable loop opt for Cybertiger (fixes crash when starting the game)

[~] Corrected regression that broke pokeballs in Pokemon Stadium 2

[=>] Merged from Daedalus-N64 branch :

[+] Delay initialize MediaEngine. So that we can suspend if we don’t use Async Sound. (If you use async sound once, before you exit to XMB, you can not suspend anymore.)

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