PSP 6.36/6.35/6.30/6.31 HEN PRO

The developers and Virtuous Coldbird Flame have released a new version of their HEN for the demo of Everybody's Sukkiri, running on official firmware 6.35. This new release of the PRO 6:35 HEN improves compatibility with some PS1 games purchased via PSN and supports the sharing between consoles.
In addition to the opportunity is also updated to version Alpha 6:36 HEN Pro v3, for the official firmware 6.36, available only to those who have bought the Japanese game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
We take the opportunity to communicate that Coldbird also announced that it is impossible to make any downgrade from firmware 6.35, Sony has since removed the kernel modules to support the previous update to 6.35. At the moment you are not sure about the possibility of downgrading the anchor "uncommon" 6.36, but we doubt that Sony is back on his feet right in that decision.
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Added download dell'HEN PRO 6.30/6.31

Dowload Here 6.36 Alpha PRO V3

Download Here 6.35 HEN PRO

Download Here 6.30/6.31 HEN PRO

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