PSP 6.36 HEN for Everybody's Sukkiri Demo

The developers and Virtuous Coldbird Flame have released a new version of their HEN for the demo of Everybody's Sukkiri, this time also compatible with firmware 6.36. This is a particular release, since that version of the software system is only nell'UMD Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, currently on sale in Japan only. There are differences in the installation of this HEN than for firmwares 6.31 and 6.35:


Note: The firmware is only 6:36 nell'UMD Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and has not been publicly distributed by Sony. To obtain such an EBOOT is therefore necessary to extract the necessary files from the backup copy of the game. Which is why, as was done in the past for other versions of the software system, this 6:36 will not be hosted on the servers of DCEmu. It is of course forbidden to post links to download it.

We have it here.

Download Here HEN
Download Here 6.36 EBOOT.PBP
Download Here Exploit Savegame Data
Download Here Everybody's Sukkiri Demo

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