PS3 Mathieulh Releases LV2 Loader Keys

Mathieu Hervais, unveiled the Sony Lv2ldr keys via his twitter this morning. In a brief interview with, he stated, "They allow to decrypt lv2, the ps2 emus, reencrypt them and to resign." He also stated, that the keys would lead to custom firmware and the ability to run Linux.

Update: 3.40/3.41/3.42 keys added (will not work on higher fw)

3.40 - 3.42 Keys:
On Saturday 1st January 2011, @Mathieulh said:

3.41 lv2 keys:
erk(12AB0): 57 5B 0A 6C 4B 4F 27 60 A0 3F E4 18 9E BA F4 D9 47 27 9F D9 82 B1 40 70 34 90 98 B0 8F F9 2C 10
riv(12AD0): 41 1C B1 8F 46 0C E5 0C AF 2C 42 6D 8F 0D 93 C8

Thanks Geohot.

Any firmware lower than 3.40 Keys:
On Saturday 1st January 2011, @Mathieulh said:
Lv2ldr keys:

erk: 94303F69513572AB5AE17C8C2A1839D2C24C28F65389D3BBB1 1894CE23E0798F


Decrypts all the External lv2 versions from pre 1.00 to anything below 3.40.
Use the algorithm available here:
and here:

To perform the decryption.


Mathieulh, RichDevX, Graf_Chokolo, N_D_T, TitanMKD. (all from a brand new, yet unnamed team.)

Maybe more to come.
btw those keys also happen to decrypt the ps2_emu binaries if anyone cares. 42 minutes ago via web
You can also use this : To perform the decryption. less than a minute ago via web

Mathieulh says:
They allow to decrypt lv2, the ps2 emus and to resign.
That is, IF you get K, which you calculate using 2 different lv2 binaries, then you can flash a pre 3.40 lv2ldr and use your lv2_kernel.self with it.
Mathieulh says:
[That would accomplish] custom firmware for example.
Of course you need to flash it on nand, unless you can also sign applications and packages.
It'd [also] allow Linux to run

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