PS3 Geohot shows Homebrew on 3.55 (Video)

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The news continues to flow in today, this time around coming from GeoHot. He updated his site today with a very innocent looking line, "I made a video". However, what that video contains will change the face of PS3 forever. He demonstrates what many of you have been waiting for, jailbreaking / homebrew on a 3.55 console.

He achieves this by first enabling the Install PKG feature with Lv2diag.self. He then signs his own (NPDRM) SELF file and packaging it into a retail PKG (with no signature). He then patches a file on the flash (NAS Plugin) so that it ignores the PKG's signature. The patch allows the homebrew to install, which then can be run from the XMB. Congratulations GeoHot!

There are no download links yet for these tools, but we hope to see them sometime this week.

Note this still does not allow piracy, but it does allow homebrew on 3.55. But then again backup manager is a homebrew application?
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