PS3 CFW with Peek/Poke

Netkas and flukes1 have successfully managed to patch the lv2_kernel in v3.55 to allow peek & poke syscalls.

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Patch to add peek and poke syscalls to PS3 firmware v3.55
by flukes1 and netkas ( #ps3test)

To create the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP:

1. Use bspatch to apply PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff to Sony's official 3.55 PUP, which is available from their website.
2. Run this from command line: "bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3UPDAT-NEW.PUP PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff"
2. Ensure that the md5sum of the resulting PS3UPDAT.PUP is:


Simply install the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP onto your PS3, then install geohot's jailbreak.

Our PUP can be installed over any firmware version, including 3.55-geohot. If you install over 3.55-geohot, you must reinstall geohot's jailbreak afterwards.

For developers: peek is syscall 6, poke is syscall 7 (same as PL3 dev payload)

Props to mastag22, lastExile, Killer_In - our testers with balls of steel.


- flukes1, netkas
NOTE: Current backup managers may not work correctly in their current state, but now with these important syscalls added the backup manager authors will be able to change their code once the right offsets are figured out for the ram patching of the other needed functions from the original dongle payloads!

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