OpenPandora News: Building and Videos

"Well, first off: A happy new year to all of you!

I hope you had some nice, relaxing holidays.

I was personally slowing down a bit, first off, I catched myself a flu which MADE me slow down a bit, and second, I was pretty much worn out (I guess that also was the reason for the flu... cold weather and too much work doesn't go well together).
Craig also had some chest infection and had to take antibiotics (ouch), but now we both recovered and are now back to work.

The first 350 Pandora PCBs have arrived on December 29th and most of them are already assembled and now being tested and flashed.
We want to do thorough testing with these first units with new nubs, so it takes a bit longer.

Meanwhile, CC in Texas was also busy and managed to finish another 400 boards even though there were holidays. I don't know whether they are shipped already or not yet, but seeing progress there is nice.

400 more LCD cables are on the way to me, waiting to get speakers soldered. With those, the next 1000 units can be built

Nubs production is also going on. We don't have any exact numbers but hopefully the next 2000 will be ready before CC runs out of them.

A lot of people have asked about the daily videos:
Well, they take A LOT of time. For some videos, I needed about 4 hours per day - and doing this besides my normal work is eating up my time.
I also said from the very beginning that those videos will be continued until the deliveries start again - which should be within the next days.
Ther WILL be more videos, no worries, but no daily videos anymore. I'll rather use the time I've left to continue to work on the OS. There are still a lot of tweaks and fixes to be done, and now that more users will get Pandoras, a more polished OS is more important in my opinion.

Finally, things are moving again. Let's have a good new year"

[via: OpenPandora Forums]

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