iH8Sn0w New SHSH Blob Extractor For Your iOS Device

@iH8Sn0w – the man behind Sn0wbreeze [aka PwnageTool for Windows], AUTOSHSH, F0recast, iREB, iDetector and few other useful jailbreak tools/utilities has started working on a new Utility, which will save your iOS device’s SHSH Blob.

This new utility – SHSH Blob Extractor is different from TinyUmbrella & AutoSHSH. How ? It extracts SHSH blob right from your iOS Device not from Apple. This is an awesome feature because, you can save SHSH blobs for whatever firmware the device is running even if Apple stopped signing for it.

That means, If your device is running iOS 4.1. With this utility, you can save SHSH blob for iOS 4.1. Though Apple Stopped Signing For iOS 4.1. This is not possible with TinyUmbrella or AutoSHSH currently.

As you know, @comex is working on untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak, which requires SHSH blob for iOS 4.1. So, in case if you haven’t saved you SHSH blob, you don’t have to worry about it. Because, once the utility is ready for primetime, you could save your SHSH blob.

There is no ETA as yet so stay tuned!

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