How to Fix Cydia and Update to V1.03366.7

Cydia is a software application for iOS that is a graphical front end to APT and the dpkg package management system. It allows a user to browse and download applications for a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It was developed by Jay Freeman (also known as "saurik"). Cydia was originally released as an open-source alternative to on iOS 1.1.x, but quickly became the most popular package manager upon 2.0's release. A version of Cydia will be released for the Mac OS X as an alternative to Apple's Mac App Store. Though details on such an application apart from existence are scarce, it is expected to behave similarly to its iOS counterpart

Plug your IPhone up to your computer
Click Ifunbox
Let it all load
Click your Device
Their will be a menu on the right side that says cydia auto install
Drag the New Cydia DEB File into that folder.
Remove Device Safely
Reboot the WHOLE phone (NOT Respring) Power Down
Power on
Load Cydia
Works Perfect
No More Error Refreshing, Slow Reloading Data

This will give you cydia Update V1.03366.7

IOS 4 Compatible
Faster Loading and Downloading Packages
Faster Reloading Data 

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