Verizon IPhone Gets Unlocked for Cricket Pay as You Go

The Verizon iPhone, jailbroken and “unlocked”? Yes — the first time, it was jailbroken and shown running Cydia. Then a Chinese carrier got it to work on its network. Now we’ve got evidence that it will run on Cricket, an American pay-as-you-go cellular provider that piggybacks off of Verizon’s network.

In the video below, the person uses official carrier short codes (kind of like dialing number 1 for voicemail) to program the phone, which makes me believe this demo is for real.

I don’t think this is exactly what Apple COO Tim Cook had in mind when he hinted around about Apple going into the pre-paid market, but it would get the job done.

Many Cricket stores will flash customers’ phones for them, so that they work on their network. To make an iPhone work, it must first be jailbroken. And you’ll also have to grab a separate MMS app and be ready to pay $$$ to break your Verizon contract — but hey, you’ll then have a pre-paid plan for an iPhone. And that’s just priceless.

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