PSP PSPLegacy V4

Homebrew dev Sunray has dropped by our forums to release a new update of PSP Legacy, kgsws and Duke's port of DOOM Legacy for the PSP. Tagged as the fourth release, the latest update includes the following changes and improvements:

Fixed auto map rendering. Toggle with START button. You can zoom in by holding TRIANGLE and zoom out by holding SQUARE.
DOOM 1 - E3M1 no longer has clipped geometry and sprites in the beginning (bug in GU hardware renderer).
DOOM 2 - MAP01 no longer has invisible walls and flats (BSP precision issue).
Stick input is now analog and not digital. Added sensitivity controllers for both X and Y.
Increased the number of sound channels from 16 to 24.
Optimized sound mixing code.

Known bugs:

Standby will most likely crash the game (not related to my changes).
Some levels have rendering errors (holes in floors and walls), but these are also found in the PC version of DOOM Legacy and has nothing to do with this port.

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