PS3 Showtime Mediaplayer Ported

And that day has finally arrived, with Andoma dropping the 'homebrew' bomb that everyone been waiting for on the PS3 since the first Jailbreak dongle video back in Aug. was released.

It only a week away before the PS3 'scene' becomes 7 months old, but right now you can finally enjoy the fruits of Andoma hard slaving away as the LonelyCoder and start enjoying a functional 'mediaplayer' on your PS3!

Originally Posted by andoma
I've ported my opensource mediaplayer called Showtime to PS3 + psl1ght

A quick getting started guide (also include download links to pkg and self files):

Showtime - PS3 usage guide - Home Theater System

It's still in beta stage but should work to some extent. As it relies on FFmpeg for audio / video decoding it should be able to play most files as normal open source media players can do (XBMC, VLC, etc). I've not tested it thoroughly yet (in particular video playback).

If you find files that are not playable or plays with framedrops or loses av-sync etc, please make them available so I can test them.

Extra kudos for filing decent bugs at Showtime's own own bugtracker

Happy media playback!

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