PS3 Rogero Manager 8.2: Many Changes

New / fixed:

- Added filters on the play list via [L2 + R2 + L1] to display either my games on HDD, USB or any game (only works with a single USB device connected at a time)
- Added support for spoofed in the CFW 3.50, 3.56 and 3.60.
- Added support [USB Mount] for FW 3.41, now works on OFW / CFW 3.41 worm and worm CFW 3.55.
- Added support [USB Mount] for loading diskless booting for games since app_home \ PS3_GAME.
- Added support [Mount USB] for CFW spoofed (3.50/3.56/3.60).
- Added an option to enable / disable the blur on the background image from the list of games since the parameters.
- Added additional optimizations on the copy function of play
- Changing the caching mechanism to improve the overall speed of execution.
- Modification of the correction system permissions on files and folders of play that is now permanently activated. The function will start automatically if necessary.
- Corrections permissions are again performed on the entire record of the games on either the internal or external hard drive via [L1 + R3].
- Discount depending on the option to enable / disable the history ("Clear History") since the parameters.
- Discount depending on the option to select the game directory internal or external default settings since.
- Fixed bug preventing the backup parameter "Animation" correctly.
- Fixed bug with certain game titles retrieved from the BD-ROM drive that caused a problem with the FTP function.
- Fixed problem loading of background images to custom themes.

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