PS3 OpenPS3FTP V1.5: Open Source FTP Server

OpenPS3FTP, the open source FTP client for Playstation 3, has been updated to v1.5.

[Version 1.5 - March 4, 2011]
- Improved performance and stability
- In-game XMB performance increased
- Better syscall usage
- Fixed a possible memory leak
- Fixed a couple of bugs
- Added support for commands: MDTM, ABOR
- nopass: now does normal login procedure (to ensure compatibility) but ignores password value
- Added new file for developers (creates nopass and normal versions)

[Version 1.4 - February 26, 2011]
- Added more return codes
- Another new command parser (even better)
- Moved IP retrieval function to its own thread (no more hanging; method still requires internet)
- Now detects all known dev_flash writable mount points
- Rewrote/reengineered alot of functions
- Added a little more user-friendly information on the screen
- Moved PASSWD and EXITAPP commands under SITE-specific commands (see SITE HELP)
- Changed LIST format to somewhat match "ls -a -l"
- Greatly shortened code
- Improved performance and stability
- Fixed some bugs
- More FTP client compatibility

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