PS3 Naima 3.55/3.60 CFW Hybrid

Pre-patched version of Naima’s Custom Firmware v3.55/3.60 Hybrid now available for download. Just download and install onto PS3. Simple huh?

Quick Tutorial:
1) Download all 3 files (see requirements)
2) Run CFW Patcher v1.0.8r3 on your PC
3) In CFW Patcher v1.0.8r3, select Naima's patch file, official firmware v3.55, and the location of where you want to store the newly patched custom firmware v3.55
4) Install on your PS3

rough translation (logic-sunrise):
The big news is the addition of files from the official firmware 3.60. In addition, a file CA27.cer F*ckPSN modified to Charles and is already included. In the characteristics of this CFW, Naima has included the necessary but not least sufficient to ensure stability:

- Support for Peek / Poke Fluke
- Added "Install Package Files"
- Support Pkg signed or unsigned
- Replacement of certificate CA27.cer
- Maximum stability and cleanliness in all the changes.
Naima chose to replace the 27 certificate because it is obsolete. He further reported that the certificate 24 was used by some games. Replace the certificate 24 could therefore have undesirable side effects. In addition, you will notice that he has chosen to delete app_home/PS3_Game for security measures, saying that playing without disc is more risky for online play.
Coment install cfw:
- Beginnings official firmware is ideal,
- Check the integrity of the original PS3UPDAT.PUP, it should be:

MD5: CA595AD9F3AF8F1491D9C9B6921A8C61

SHA1: a3a0d1c61e17c6a58a5fa247a3dbb51524329e0a

- Check the integrity of the "PS3UPDAT.PUP custom", it should be:

MD5: 2C608AA99772E625BF708908AB6AF9DF

SHA1: c9db35a8d45c7d5286d581e87bb647ae4aa1e1b7

- Perform the installation from the Recovery Mode

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