PS3 MultiMAN v01.16.08 for CFW 3.55 Wanikoko/Geohot/Kmeaw

New / fixed:

- Added support for connecting the pads on any port
- Added support for the BD remote controller and MOVE (only buttons)
- Added support for custom cursors
- Added support for the spoof of the FW 3.55 in 3.56/3.60
- Changing the display mode # 3 (faster and better display)
- Modification of scrolling to the last game in the mode # 2

This version is compatible with the PS3 firmware 3.55-3.4x (and CFW Kmeaw / Waninkoko / Wutangrza / Geohot).

Important note: Deanrr decided not to integrate payloads into his manager for legal reasons in some countries. If you wish to continue using the functions in earlier versions, you must install a compatible payload or file BDEMU.BIN.

See our archive download a file containing 2 BDEMU.RAR PKG (depending on your CFW). Run the PKG for your CFW to install BDEMU.BIN and find all the features Multiman. You should start only once the PKG.

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