PS3 E-UAE 0.8.29 R5: Amiga Emulator

Ole has a new version of its emulator for PS3 that will allow you to find the time of the famous Amiga (68000, 68010, 68020).

New / fixed:

- Updated to the latest version of the source E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4.
- Support files harddisk
- Support backup and backup thumbnails
- Dialog options modified (larger number of configurable options)
- Support sound drive (new function that is not yet complete in the code WIP4)
- RETURN button added to the virtual keyboard
- The left analog stick can be used to emulate a joystick (R3 to switch from mouse to joystick mode)
- Fixed mode 2 controllers: 2 mouse can now be properly emulated.
- The Options dialog box appears as E-EBU interface.


- Supports CPU 68000, 68010, 68020
- Support Chipset OCS, ECS and AGA
- Amiga hi-res (720x576) 32bit depth
- Emulation joystick1, joystick2 (2nd joypad required) and mouse
- Simple Options dialog (support for change disks and more)
- Son 48000 kHz
- Keyboard emulation
- Support for loading images, zip dms
- Reading of the startup configuration in either / or dev_usb000/uae/uae.cfg / dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR/UAE.CFG.


- PS3 to boot homebrew
- Uae.cfg either / dev_usb000/uae / or / dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR / (sample included UAE.CFG)
- Start-Rom see the file docs / readme

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