PS3 CFW 3.55ITA: Get Back on PSN without proxies

If you're tired of using charles or other proxies and programs to access the PSN, a user at the ps3ita forums has just the custom firmware for you. PS3ITA CFW v3.55 has been released, which allows you full access to the PSN without the use of proxies. The firmware is based on kmeaw's firmware, with the addition of patches which allow PSN access.

We were waiting for new developments about online game on custom firmware (see kmeaw, geohot and others) when one of the brightest minds of our team has produced what we might call, the fastest possible access for the PSN.

The firmware is based on Kmeaw’s custom firmware, to which were added 2 small patches which allow access to the PSN!

Access is fast,no PC is needed to serve as a ” bridge “and then programs like ****Psn or charles, skipping the check of the model (debug, retail, reftool, etc.) and setting of the PS3 fw at 3:56 .. (not in the XMB)

Of course the risk of BAN is still high and being a CFW, ps3ita assumes no responsibility for any brick during installation.
Remember installing a CFW is totally at your own end-user risk, and you must take full responsibility for your own actions, plus clearly understand that Sony has the full right and legal terms and means to BAN your PS3 console and/or PSN account from any online access at anytime!

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