PS3 Multiman V1.16.05 for Geohot/Wanikoko/Kmeaw/Wutangrza: Speed Improvements

Deanrr proposes a new version of its PS3 Manager (formerly called AVCHD / Game Manager), open a mod manager that combines Open Manager and Simple AVCHD and allowing backups to run but also to watch videos in AVCHD and manager files.

New / fixed:

- New options in the file options.ini:
* Lock_display_mode - keeps the selected display mode
* Parental_level - setting up a parental lock code
* Parental_pass - Parental Code
- New image for the caption display modes 1, 2 and 3
- Drop shadow added to the texts of the File Manager
- Speed optimizations

This version is compatible with the PS3 firmware 3.55-3.4x (and CFW Kmeaw / Waninkoko / Wutangrza / Geohot). You will also find utility Eboot Fix PKG .

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