iH8Sn0w Releases iREB RC4

This just came in. iH8sn0w has announced via
twitter of a tiny release/update of iREB. iREB
RC4 has just been released and it shall fix
Windows Classic Theme issues and iPod
Touch 1G download failure. Hit the jump for
What is iREB?
iREB is a tool for Windows that will put your
device into a pwned state so that you can
upload custom firmware to it. iREB supports the following devices:
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G[S] (old & new bootrom)
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 1G
iPod Touch 2G (MB & MC) iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4
Apple TV 2
So apart from fixing Windows Classic Theme
issue and iPod touch 1G download failure, iREB RC4 also works from firmwares 3.x up to

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