Supercard DSTWO Flashcart Working on Nintendo 3DS (Video)

1.Today,the supercard team released that dstwo now can work on 3DS handheld and the team have confirmed that this updated DSTWO firmware still works after the recent 3DS firmware update.

it seems more and more DS flash card will join the list of supporting 3DS,may just the matter of time.

2. 3DS has been disassembled. According to the news that Though there still have some of the chips have not been identified, while,it's only a matter of time before the hardware is documented to a usable level for the homebrew and development community.

3. 3DS will support 3D real-time video recording function in the future update.In the press of Nintendo GDC 2011,the nintendo American President claims that future 3DS console through system upgrades, will support 3D real-time video recording function and forecast that 3DS will have a bright future and powerful potential.

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