Video: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Tab Running Gensoid

People could have possibly felt that they have already gone dead and already reached heaven when they got introduced to Android’s Emulator for the NES, which is the Nesoid. But another emulator for Genesis has been introduced which is known as the Gensoid. If you happen to have T-Mobile’s G1, and you would like to play even via remote some of the games for NES or even for Sega Genesis, then you would have to shell out about five bucks. The Nesoid would cost about $1.99, while the Gensoid costs about $2.99. Taking these prices into consideration, you may get torn between purchasing one over the other.
Similar to the Nesoid, the Gensoid also has the feature of an interface that is efficient to make use of and would be able to play almost any kind of ROM for Genesis that may be placed on the microSD card of the device that you have. As for the sound and the device’s music, it still needs some work since it sounds wonky. Due to this, it slows down the framerate, but still a lot of the games are still able to work well. It is the user’s prerogative if the sound would be turned off or not and this may be done by going to the device’s settings menu. This would surely improve the framerate.

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