PSP You Recovery Menu V0.1 6.20 HEN

The encoder KaZT.U forum member has announced the first menu of recovery (Recovery menu) running on NT 6.20 HEN and different custom firmware available today named TU Recovery Menu v0.1

What's the point:

Start-specific plugins
-Modify the CPU speed (all speeds are present)
-Able to start Hellcats Recovery Flasher via (RM) recovery mode.
-Capable of launching via HEN TN RM
-Ability to enable / disable the USB port of the PSP (but this option does not always work and will be resolved in the next release)

Remains to be done in future versions:

- Solving the problem of USB.
- Add support for all plugins (including quite work with this first version)
- Correct problems related to Enable WMA flashplayer, toggle f0, f1, f2
- Add the farm account and other functions ..

Developer Notes:

Works on all CFW and all versions
Tested on 5.00M33, 6.20TN-B 6.20TN A 5.00M33/6xx, 5.50GEN,
RecoveryMenuT.U recovery menu is a coded format for CFW eboot.
the recovery menu is coded by myself.
NOTE: there are still some bugs and it's not over yet.


Plugins put to use by exemplme: hold.prx screenshot.prx or in the X (elttre DM): / seplugins /
hold.prx eg = ms0: / seplugins / hold.prx
screenshot.prx example = ms0: / seplugins / screenshot.prx
more support for plugins to be added soon.

To use flash Hellcats place RECOVERY / EBOOT.PBP in the folder / ms0/psp/game /.
CPU speeds all work well.

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