PSP YamaIRC Beta 1

YamaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat(IRC) Client by Yamagushi for the Zune HD and PSP devices. This version is for PSP only. You can get the ZuneHD version here.

It currently supports all the basics of IRC from PM's to Actions(/me) to Joining/Parting Channels. It features Multi-Channel support, Selectable User Lists, Built In OSK, MyChannel Private Messaging Window, New Message Alerts, and more.

PSP - Simply download the attached files, unzip its contents to your PSP/Game/ folder on your PSP. And Run.
Once in the IRC, press X to pull up the Keyboard, and Start to Pull up your Options Menu.

PSP - Once connected pressing X brings up the keyboard. Pressing Start brings up the menu. Left and Right trigger cycles through channels. D-pad Scrolls the text.

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