The two famous Chinese developers Virtuous Coldbird Flame and the origin of HEN PRO 6.31, 6.35 and 6.36 reported today that work on a new project called 6.35PRO-A , that name brings to mind a new version their PRO 6.35 HEN but not they say that it is a custom firmware that is installed on the flash 0 from the nand of the PSP as was the case for the firmware incomplete HEN GEN C 5.3 .

This project has as its main functionality firmware launch live ISO images of your games before being dumped without iso loader and others directly from the XMB with a known compatibility HEN better than others, we will also get some plugins and add-ons for broaden the spectrum of use homebrew on the PSP.
No release date has been given by the two developers, but nevertheless it's still an excellent novel that will delight more than a PSP gamer.

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