PSP Ultimate Recovery Menu V2.0 REV 245

New release for Ultimate Recovery Menu v2.0, the alternative to the Recovery Menu created by a quintet of respect: Ceikor,-blue7, Hackman, and Namenloser Total_Noob.
This new release is essentially to solve the problem of buffer overflow in the previous year. In more have been added fake therefore not accessible in previous revision (Mexico, Debug I and II).
It 'important to remember that the compatibility of this modification of Recovery is guaranteed only with a PSP that Montini CF 5.50 (both gen Prometheus).
E 'must be avoided in any case the installation on TA-088v3 PSP 2000 and PSP 3000, the penalty brick..
Following installation, repair and use.

Installation, repair, use, video demonstration and changelog:

. Installation:.
1. Download
2. Unzip contents of the file in the root of your memory stick so you have the following path: ms0: / PSP / GAME / URM /
3. Start by XMB v2.0 URM
4. In the menu that will be shown on screen, select the desired action by pressing the (Please read the descriptions below before continuing):
- Ressourcen Flash0 to install everything on Flash0 requiring a clearance of 832Kb;
- Ressourcen MemoryStick to install most of the files on the Memory Stick, the only limit to file Flash0 recovery.prx;
- Make a backup of the backup file will recovery.prx currently in Flash0;
- Restore backup will allow you to uninstall safely Ultimate Recovery Menu and restore the original file recovery.prx on condition of having made a backup using the feedback function;
- Exit from the installer will exit without doing any operation.
WARNING: It is strongly recommended that you use the option Make backups before installing. In this way you can restore the old Recovery

.: Restore:.
If we wanted to restore the old Recovery, atteniamoci the following instructions.

Recovering from installation =- -= Flash0
1. Start URM v2.0 by XMB and select Restore Backup

Recovering from installation Memory Stick -= =-
1. Start URM v2.0 by XMB and select Restore Backup
2. Remove from the Memory Stick syRec mail the entire folder in the root

.: Usage:.
The use of 'Ultimate Recovery Menu is very intuitive, but it is worth specifying some functions.
Once you start the new Recovery, as well as move with and between the various options and select them with , You can:
- Press to access basic functions typical of the Recovery Menu
- Repeatedly press for the management of active plugins now divided into categories respectively VSH, GAME and POPS.
To exit the Recovery simply press and confirm with Yes and then

- It 's absolutely prevent installation on TA-088v3 PSP 2000 and 3000, failing which the brick.
- Before installation is highly recommended to use the Make backup made available by the installer Ultimate Recovery Menu, which will restore the old Recovery.

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