PSP CXMB for PRO 6.35

A good alternative to 6.20 TN is certainly offered by various HEN 6.3x PRO that are still to be finalized and for which there are few applications. Fortunately there is a remedy that patpat as the developer has just released the CXMB plugin for PRO 6:35, thanks to which we will load from Memory Stick our favorite topics.
For more information follow the installation procedure.



.: Install 6:35 for PRO.
1. Download the archive and unpack PRO CXMB for 6:35 in the root directory of the Memory Stick
2. In the plugins folder to edit (or create if not present) vsh.txt the file by entering the following string: ms0: / CXMB / 1 or cxmb.prx EF0: / CXMB / cxmb.prx 1 for PSP owners Go

Download Here: Translated From French to English

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