PS3VECX: Vectrex Emulator

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos member Sdw, announced on their forums today, that he would be taking on a project to port a Vectrex emulator to the PS3. The project, called PS3Vecx, is very early in development, but it is still in playable form. It currently has no sound, but expect it to be added in a future update.

Here is what the author had to say regarding his project:

Hi all!

I've just started coding on the PS3 and my first project has been to port a Vectrex emulator.

Work in progress, (no sound yet for example), but it's playable and includes a bunch of ROMs.

The grey bars added on the side is needed because some TVs (like my Sony) will put the backligth way, way down if there are onyl a few white pixels on the screen, like in many vectrex games...

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