PS3 That Other Space Shooter v0.1

ThatOtherDev, known here on PSX-SCENE as ThatOtherPerson, has released a homebrew shooter for the PS3.

Originally Posted by thatotherperson
Sorry if the vids a bit disorienting. I think something went wrong with the recording. I slowed it down to half speed but it still seems faster then the actual game.

Its been a month now since I released anything for PS3 so here is something new. Its a flight sim although I’m not really sure if that is the correct term considering that its not simulating real world flight. I started it almost a week ago and intended it to be like a one day project that I would be able to just throw together and then return to working on my other games. But I kept running into problems and its still heavily flawed and incomplete.

It uses sixaxis motion controls for steering, L2 and R2 make you spin, L1 is for shooting and R1 is for acceleration. Pressing select inverts the controls for turning up and down.

There is no credit screen yet but there is a LOT of borrowed stuff that went into making this game. I’ll list it all out later.

Feedback is as always greatly appreciated. Its a genre that I’m not particularly familiar with (the only flight sim I’ve ever played much of was the PC version of Incoming and that was ten years ago) so I could definitely use some guidance. Whats your favorite thing about modern flight sims?

Some suggestions on the enemies behavior and movement would be especially appreciated. At the moment I find it to be simultaneously too easy and too difficult. As long as you keep moving its almost impossible to get hit by the enemy blasts. But unless you just stop and turn around its also fairly difficult and time consuming to ever shoot them. Slowing their move speed would make it impossible for them to keep up with you but increasing it would make it impossible to turn and shoot them well you are still moving. Slowing their turn speed would make it even easier to avoid being shot by them but increasing it would once again make it impossible to turn and shoot them well you are still moving. Maybe having them alternate between actually following you directly and just circling around you might work…

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