PS3 Raw Game Installer: Backup to PKG Application

An app that aids in patching and building PS3 backup packages, was released today, by a dev who calls himself dobosz. The author does not take credit for the methods or keys used inside the app, which he calls Raw Games Installer. It is based on the work of GeoHot, fail0verflow, and DeLiGhT.

To Do List:
- Limit the logs
- Improved external HDD support (FAT32 only). Tested on InFamous.
- FTP Client

Raw Games Installer is a simple application which was made to help you with patching and building PS3 backup packages.
I don’t claim metods or keys usesed in this application.
This is a simple wrapper between you and hackers software.
Application use code developed by GeoHot, Team Fail0verFlow, and DeLiGhT.
Orginal programs can be found in “dependence” folder.

Change Log:
- added delete temp_dir folder
- minor bug fixed
- added dev_usb patch. Some games won't work with it. Still need improvment, if path reference conteins NULL it wont work. Tested on Infamous.
- GUI improved.
- Some error handeling.

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