PS3 KaKaRoTo's CFW VS Geohot's CFW

I asked KaKaRoTo on his twitter account if he planned on doing anything about Geohot's Release of his 3.55 CFW in reply to my question he states nothing. In comparison if you are looking for a safer choice download geohots CFW build and flash your ps3 using a usb device because he plans to release package signing tools for homebrew devs. The only homebrew that works so far is Geohot's sup dawg limera1n icon but I hope to see many applications update and join the party. Get ready for Emulators and ports of classic Retro consoles. Geohot states that I do not condone piracy. No donations.

Special Thanks to:

PsJailbreak (good at first)

For opening up one of the most secure console
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