PS3 Geohot Releases Custom Firmware 3.55

Progress continues to be made, on the custom firmware front. This time coming from Geohot, he has released his custom firmware which was showcased in the video yesterday.The firmware works with his upcoming tools make_self_npdrm and package_finalize. These tools are set to be released soon, and would finally allow us to truely run our own homebrew on 3.55. Please note, this must be installed from 3.55 official firmware, according to GeoHot. More news coming soon.

This does not enable piracy or backups

This MUST be installed onto 3.55 Official Firmware ONLY!
Some of you may be asking: Isn't this the same as KaKaRoTo's CFW?

The answer to that is: No! This CFW has more going on behind the scenes with it. It will allow you to install your OWN retail PKG's, once Geohot releases his upcoming tools. Which means you can convert current homebrew/emulators to GeoHot's 3.55 CFW

it's jailbreak time
open the zip, you know how to install
3.55 only
would be pirates, don't waste your time
do not mirror file, link to
here is the package from the video
no donations accepted right now, don't get scammed

old homebrew will not work
new homebrew signing tools coming soon...

New tools are coming to sign homebrew to work with new CFW.

[21:43] Geohot: i'm releasing tool soon
[21:43] Geohot: two tools actually, make_self_npdrm and package_finalize

Download First 3.55 Homebrew PKG:
Download LV2Diag.self:
Download  Geohot 1st Self:

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