PS3 GenesisPlus GX V1.2: Sega Genesis Emulator for CFW Geohot

The developer of the emulator anonymous PS3Sx proposes a new version of its port of the Sega Megadrive emulator Genesis GX (EkeEke) on the PS3.
New / fixed:

- Fixed sound problems
- Updated with the latest code Genesis Plus GX
- Many special assignment using the buttons now work (Super Street Fighter II and Mulan for example)
- Redesigned interface, approaching that of SNES9x/FCEU
- Configurable Controls
- Ability to specify a path for SRAM / savestate / directory
- Many other fixes and improvements.

You will find packages for firmware 1.92, 3.41 and 3.55 to CFW Geohot.

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