PS3 Custom Avatar

This simple tutorial comes from our resident Dashhacks writer, Jake. Following this guide you can replace your current PSN avatar with your own custom one. Mind you, it isn’t that cool of a hack because your online PSN friends can’t see your custom avatar — only you can … and your real-life friends who come over and party with you. Anyway, lets do this…

blackb0x FTP Server
A PSN account
A computer w/ an FTP client
Any png-formatted image

Install and run blackb0x’s PS3 FTP Server
Download any small image (about 10KB) and save it as “me.png” onto your desktop. Here is the logo I’m using (remember to rename that as “me.png” if you use it).
Connect to your PS3 with any FTP client. Set the host as your PS3 IP address. No username or password is needed.
Locate your avatar file. It should be located in the following directory: dev_hdd0/home/000000XX/friendim/avatar/me.png (the XX is the number of your user)
Overwrite me.png in the above directory with your custom avatar (me.png on your desktop).
Exit and you should now have a custom avatar!

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