Nintendo DS AKAIO v1.8.5/v1.8.5a

AKAIO has been updated to v1.8.5. To avoid confusion with the 1.8.2 issues and the 1.8.3 fake release, the release number was bumped to 1.8.5. Please see the change log for more information about this release.

QUOTE(Change Log)
K-AIO 1.8.2
+ New Anti-Anti-Piracy work around (enabled by default).
- Works on all SD and doesn't break download play.
+ Fixed various ak2 only bugs. (global settings being reset after softreset, etc)

AK-AIO 1.8.5
+ Fixed usrcheat parsing bug where enabled codes in folder caused a crash during parsing.
+ Fixed PassMe booting for Slot 2 (L+A on Slot 2 icon).
+ Fixed bricking on old AK2s.

AK-AIO 1.8.5a
For those having sd trouble try using the new binaries from 1.8.5a hopefully this fixes the problems

Download Here- Akaio V1.8.5
Download Here- Akaio V1.8.5a

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